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NOTE: The international events of the past several years have changed the way that Ann is conducting her outreach. She no longer travels as extensively as prior to 2020, and conducts a lot of her operations from her home state, via social media, podcasts, radio, etc. Therefore, depending on the circumstances of your event such as the date, distance, and expenses which would be incurred, as well as current national conditions (that we would all be affected by), she will respectfully consider your event needs. If traveling is not indicated, she may offer to discuss a way to lend her support via remote or streaming technologies. You are welcome to Contact Ann with your events needs.. 


Songs, Ceremonies & Presentations That Make a Difference

Book Ann & plan her presentation at your event in 5 easy steps:

  1. Browse Ann's available Programs or Options in honor of Vets & 1st-Responders to decide which presentation(s) you would like for your event.
  2. Read the "Costs & Agreements" segment below to learn more about what will be required with regard to travel & equipment.
  3. Use the contact form below to submit your request for Ann's services at your event with dates & details. 
  4. Once you have heard back from Ann's representative, letting you know that your event date is available on her calendar, then pay the booking fee and signing your contract will secure your date. Submitting this payment will also entitle you to (up to) two hours of phone time to use as needed in the planning of Ann's presentation.
  5. Review your final agreement/rider and sign & return it to Ann. 

Costs & agreements

Booking terms & options

Non-Profit or Ministry Events: When serving as Chaplain or in a ministry capacity, Ann abides by the New Testament format for the “receiving of offerings as the Spirit leads the giver," in addition to expenses. Scroll to read what constitutes an expense.

Commercial & For-Profit Events: In the case of funded non-profits or commercial events, standard & customary rates apply, in addition to expenses. 

Why expenses must be covered even for ministry events or non-profit groups: Ann is approached every week by wonderful cause-oriented groups & individuals who wish to have her come to their event, but as much as she believes in the purpose for all of these upcoming meetings, she is limited in her ability to donate services. The professional cost of recordings, internet services, transportation, and equipment needed in order for Ann to produce or present her audio/visual programs are ever increasing and therefore, she must be careful to not over-extend, regardless of how deeply she feels about the inquiring organization. 

What the difference is between the "covering of expenses" and the issuing of payment for Ann's services (the latter also being referred to as an "honorarium," a "love-offering," or "speaker's fee," depending on what type of group is sponsoring an event): The covering of expenses as itemized on this page (below) does not include an actual salary (living wage) for Ann but allows her to travel and conduct business safely while putting her focus on giving a quality presentation. Therefore, donations, honorariums, love-offerings & speaker's fees in addition to expenses, will afford Ann income to assist her in continuing her unique artistry and ministry. 

Donation of services: Since Ann is very committed to certain causes as described in her mission statement, on her Vets & 1st-Responders Page, or Spiritual Programs/Presentation Page, she does volunteer her time and some of her resources when possible and depending on the circumstances. This is especially true with regard to churches and humanitarian causes local to her in East Tennessee because due to the close proximity, the overall expense & time investment of doing a presentation is reduced. Feel free to contact Ann about this with the form below and in the process, share details of your event while describing your special needs.


More about what constitutes "expenses"

Expenses covered & provided by the event planners in addition to honorariums & love offerings: Items mentioned in this list are not limited to but part of what will be the in your custom written agreement/rider as follows:

  • Cost of all transportation from Ann's home to the event & back plus in between all event facilities & presentations 
  • Lodging & meals in a safe facility, approved by the artist and in a secure, quality location (Ann does prefer a suitable hotel rather than being a guest at someone's home, due to her need for planning time & rest, though she appreciates the kind offers.)
  • Daily allowance for travel days + event days in addition to food & accommodations (for incidental expenses) 
  • Escort support (for security purposes) throughout the event for safe mobility between buildings as well as backstage 
  • Green-room or motel room on event premises with drinking water & protein snacks 
  • Sufficient audio/visual equipment needed for presentation by Ann 
  • Sound/audio-visual check & short, private rehearsal with engineers & MC prior to the meeting, leaving ample time for pre-presentation preparations 
  • Additional access to the stage prior to the event for placement of The Missing Man Table & Soldier's Cross or other props (where this applies)
  • When a sound system and audio/visual equipment is to be provided by the event planners, then Ann requires contact information in advance of the event, to be able to speak with the sound-board engineers as well as with other equipment operators (lights/projectors, etc.) who will be working with her during her sound check/rehearsal and/or presentation.
  • Also covered by the event planner is a display booth in a safe & prominent area of traffic for Ann's merchandise & CDs with a responsible assistant to watch the booth during Ann's presentation times or breaks from the booth for press interviews, meeting responsibilities or personal needs. 

Ann's personal sound system for local events: Ann does have a sound system which can be used for some regional events when one is not available for an additional fee or donation. Please inquire via the contact form below.


When budget is a concern

Ideas on generating sponsorship or sharing the cost of bringing Ann to your town:  If covering the artist's expenses and honorarium costs presents a challenge for your group, but you would still like to schedule a personal appearance, some event planners have had success with obtaining sponsorship from area businesses, churches, non-profits or civic groups. For instance, many of these organizations would be proud to sponsor a segment in your program which would honor veterans or 1st-responders. Sometimes offering a prospective sponsor a free booth or ad in your promotional materials is a reasonable exchange for their donation to your event. 

Group bookings for your area: Another way to reduce costs to one organization is to share expenses with several other groups in your area that may also want an appearance from Ann during the same time period as your event. For instance, if there are other branches of a particular church denomination in neighboring towns or civic group organizations with different chapters reasonably close, Ann could move from one event to the other with some regional transportation assistance and the groups could share the overall expenses involved with bringing Ann to your state. 

What is negotiable: As long as the basic cost requirements are met, some items found on your artist/speaker rider are negotiable or can be arranged economically, while other items are not negotiable such as long-distance travel expenses. Please direct all of your questions in writing in your correspondence. 


Booking deposit

Booking fee & written agreements: To begin planning Ann's appearance at any commercial & funded non-profit event, a non-refundable booking deposit of $100 is asked in order to secure your date(s) on Ann's schedule since she will be forfeiting the opportunity to book elsewhere for your time period. In addition, a written, custom agreement/rider will be negotiated with your meeting planners and then submitted for signature prior to your event, which will outline the terms of travel, accommodations, security, sound-checks, performance times, exhibitor space, etc., as described above.

What the booking fee covers: The booking fee/deposit covers the administrative costs associated with time needed for Ann or her authorized staff member to work with your meeting coordinators in planning her appearance at your event and formalizing the terms of the agreement/rider; up to two hours is allocated for this portion of her services in a one time phone conference or in several separate calls that total two hours. If extra time is needed to amend or add to the terms/agreement, this time will be billed at $50.00/Hour. Therefore, please read the terms as listed above and be prepared with your submissions & responses prior to your planning session via phone conference.

What is required from a church or ministry group in order to secure a booking? Since Ann abides by the New Testament tradition of the "receiving of offerings" for Chaplain services, a specific booking fee is still required for reasons already stated, however, for regional appearances, a love offering for her services in addition to any material expenses is appreciated, as the Spirit leads the event planners. For out of region travels, the financial provision for expenses (to include travel time cost per day) will be the only set requirement since these involve outside providers such as airlines, gas, food, motel, admin support, etc. Additional love offerings & honorariums for her time given in any ministry capacity including those of speaker for your event, are gratefully accepted.

When refunds of Booking Fee are given: If your organization decides to cancel or postpone your event for any reason including weather in your area, then the booking fee will not be refunded. If your event is rescheduled after your decision to cancel or postpone and Ann is able to accept the adjusted date, another booking fee for the new date will be required since planning will begin again. However, if Ann has to cancel her appearance due to an extreme emergency or severe illness, your $100 will be refunded. If weather at the departure zone does not allow her to leave due to road conditions or airline cancellations (but your weather is good enough to hold your event), your $100 deposit will not be refunded, due to the amount of work already invested in pre-meeting planning. In the event of any such cancellations or emergencies, Ann will not be held liable or responsible in any way for costs associated with her absence from your event. (As a point of reassurance, Ann has not canceled any contracted events thus far in her long history of performances, so this would be extremely rare).


When is payment expected?

For commercial & funded non-profit groups: Payment is to be made following Ann's presentation by the conclusion of that day's activities. If it would be helpful, an invoice can be sent to the organization via PayPal or Cash App, for immediate processing prior to Ann departing from your event. Checks are not accepted as payment. 

Receiving of offerings following ministry events: As previously stated, when Ann appears as Chaplain at a faith-based meeting or church function and offers her services in a ministry capacity, love-offerings in addition to negotiated expenses, are gratefully accepted, as the Spirit leads the giver.


Last minute booking options

Last minute scheduling: Realizing that some meeting needs arise quickly or awareness of Ann's work may have been recent, do not hesitate to reach out if you have a last-minute request for a presentation because if her schedule allows, she will be there to support your event; however, all the terms still apply of a booking fee, the covering of all expenses (see above) and written agreement/rider, as stated on this page.


Streaming Ann's videos direct to your meeting

Streaming Youtube & playing Ann's Mp3s at your event: Again, if the budget or time does not allow for a personal appearance, you are welcome to stream Ann’s narrations from YouTube or play Mp3 versions of her songs and spoken-word content at events, ceremonies or at educational facilities. There is no specific cost for this option but donations are gratefully accepted which help with Ann's internet costs and in the creation of new inspirational works. Read Terms of Use.

Contact Ann about your upcoming event

Send a Note:  When you Contact Ann, please identify your group & yourself and describe your event with dates, location & theme. Please indicate your time zone. Also, kindly acknowledge in the email that you have read & understood the information as stated on this page with regard to scheduling & costs so that booking Ann at your event and the process of planning can begin. Thank you!

PayPal Options for Fees & Donations


Booking Fees & Love Offerings

What is next? If you have communicated with Ann or her authorized staff member and have reached an agreement about your event date, time, and location as described on this page, then you will be invoiced for your $100.00 booking fee. You will also be supplied with a copy of the statements on this page as well as a contract specific to your event that you will be asked to sign and return.

Note: The reservation of your date is not guaranteed and planning will not begin until signed documents and the deposit are received by Ann's office. Thank you.