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In Thanksgiving for Freedom of Soul...

“There is nothing I will ever have that can repay God in Heaven for the Freedom I’ve received for my eternal soul and no words which can even begin to express my appreciation for those who have served in harm’s way in safeguarding my Liberty & Safety on earth, but I hope to honor and remember all by offering back whatever my Creator has given me for as long as I am able and in the ways that The Spirit of the Lord is leading.” - Ann M. Wolf

— Servant to God & supporter of others as we travel this road of life together



This page offers non-denominational spiritual support resources & program ideas for ministers, cell-ministries, chaplains, individual seekers, and event planners. These options include ceremonies, music, videos, study content and service ideas. Scroll to learn more.

In God We Trust

Note to Spiritual Leaders

From Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

“As Chaplains, Counselors, Cell-Ministry Leaders & Healing or Hospice facilitators, we offer spiritual & emotional support impartially, regardless of the religious, cultural, or denominational background of those in our care.  We also pray for each precious soul sent to us as we submit ourselves to the discipline of spiritual growth & the constancy of study. We seek Divine guidance via the Spirit of God as we continue to walk in Mercy while holding to Grace. Join with me in celebration of our Unity via the Spirit, as we serve God together.” 

Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

Programs that uplift, motivate & inspire

Faith-Based Services

musical message

Ann blends special songs with a relevant message about what it means to walk in Mercy as we embrace Grace. Her Guided Study Plan, "Becoming the Church," can become part of the discussion or offered in addition to a service as a workshop.

Cutting edge Christian Music: Her musical genre's include Gospel Blues, Rock, Reggae, Country, Cajun, and AC, as well as contemporary covers & classic hymns. Ann has been described by leaders in Gospel Blues as one of the Grandmothers of alternative Christian Music since she has dared for decades to write and perform in styles often regarded as too worldly for spiritual audiences, but which give the testimony of healing through Grace in raw and authentic fashion.

For examples of her work, watch Ann's Biker Blues Video, "Sunday Feelin' All Week Long," "Thank you for Praying for Me," in AC Style; and see her YouTube Playlist here for an overview of musical styles and topics. 

Becoming the Church Guided Study Experience