Testimonials of vision & hope ignited by Ann's artistry

There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t listen to one of your songs or look at new postings on your social media. It lifts me up to get through any day. Even when I’m in the hospital, you are at my side; even the nurses love your music. Thank you my friend.”

— Garry Johnston, Vietnam Veteran

Real music for real life

With each song, Ann M. Wolf brings us into a pleasant zone and often, she just floors us. We discover each time, more and more about her vocal talent and her songwriting is totally superb. Having her on an album always raises the bar! She is making us very proud to have this wonderful talent with Bongo Boy Records.”

Monique Grimm, Voting Grammy Member/Founder/ Business & Marketing Manager/Producer at Bongo Boy Records

You have such a powerful voice. Not a lot of "little ladies" can belt out the blues but you pull it off perfectly. More importantly, you have a Christian message. I will be going to your sites today and checking out your music. God bless ya sister and may the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you. ”

— Mike Grimm, Veteran (USAF), Truck Driver, Supporter of Christian Music

LOVE! YOUR SONGS SIS ANN. AWESOME! I LOVE The Blues. & your vocal. GOD Bless.”

— Rey Perez, Christian Artist, Christian Biker/Minister

It is such an Honor & I am Humbled to know you as a friend, as a Chaplain & as all veterans' Hero across this nation. Thank you Ann for all you do for us.”

— Steve Isaacson, Disabled Vietnam Veteran, Advocate for Veterans

Comments about Ann's honor ceremonies

Benghazi Four Memorial 

Jacksonville, Florida 2018

“Ann, I've had numerous people tell me that they thought this Benghazi Commemoration Event was the best ever and that it was because of you. God bless you for all you do.” Respectfully, Captain Shoaf (MC)

About the Benghazi Memorial Service: This event honored the extraordinary sacrifice made by U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone S. Woods during the Battle of Benghazi in 2012. Keynote Speaker was Film Producer, Dinesh D'Souza along with other guest speakers such as Congressman Ted Yoho, Whistleblower Kevin Shipp, Stephanie Jason, Ian Esclanate of Turning Point USA & Charles Woods, father of Navy Seal Tyrone Woods.